Arts & Social Transformation is in essence a platform for young artists to develop their arts first through an intense training led by artists, who are professors, at the number one school for the artist in US; California Arts Institute.

Once a year the program A&ST selects four to six youth from Not for Profit Organizations working in the areas of arts in their communities, and with low-income and disfranchised youth and families. The selected youth will have the privilege to attend a three weeks intensive arts course in Los Angeles. The course is part of Cal Arts Program called CAP - Community Arts Partnership (Click here to learn about CAP) and its annual CAP Summer Intensive. During three weeks the young artists, divided in their areas of arts, will work with the professors to discover, solidify, understand, and develop their talents.

Since 2009 we have taken fifteen youth selected from NGO’s and nine young artists from The British School who participate in the program as English assistants to the young artists from the NGO’s.

Click here for a full description of the program, including costs, and all the steps for qualification.

Help us to enlarge the Arts & Social Transformation platform in Brazil.

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  1.  What happens with the youth after they come back from US?
  1.  How is the money raised for the program?
  1.  What kinds of issues, positive and negatives, you have seeing with the young artists from NGO’s and from The British School as well?
  1.  How do you select the NGO’s?
  1.  How do you select the young artists?
  1.  Why not do this kind of program with Brazilian Teachers/Artists?
  1.  What is your vision for the future of the program?
  1.  What are the ways for people to help?
The ProgramQuestion & Answers

Wainer & Magui Guimaraes are the founder of Arts & Social Transformation. They were the liaisons between Cal Arts, Grupo Mosaico the NGO they founded in Rio to create, develop, and cooperate with Social Transformation projects, and the various institutions and people that through the years joined them to make the program a reality. “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much more.” is Helen Keller’s wonderful works that define why Arts & Social Transformation succeeded and it is a platform for social transformation.

“I experience Arts and Social Transformation while working in Portugal in 1983 and 1984 with University Students. My passion for theater and music helped me to build the platform where we gathered the young people into a healthy process of developing their talents. We created plays, and wrote music that inspired us, and spoke to the people about the challenges, tragedies, and opportunities in life. Art was our “glue” and continued in our work in Riverbank where we co-founded the Riverbank Community Theater.

When we came to Brazil to do social work in 2007, and inspired by our Christian faith and mission, we came with a renewed inspiration towards arts because of they way we had seeing how Cal Arts (California Arts Institute) had used arts as a tool for social changes in the lives of thousands of high school young artists.

As Christians we firmly believe that to do good, and contribute to the well-being of our community is an integral part of who we ought to be/do and so, we could not be more thankful to God that our son Daniel studied at Cal Arts, and there we met the Cal Arts President. (in the picture President Steven Lavine is with the young artists from the 1st team in 2009. He visited them Tuiuti’s Slum in Rio de Janeiro)

President Lavine opened wide the door for us to create this Bridge of Arts & Social Transformation with Brazil. In four  years this is one of the most impacting programs we have ever been part of, and our hope is that hundreds, nay thousands, of other young artists will stand in this platform of arts, with amazing excellence and human dignity by Cal Arts teachers, and be transformed.

Our dream is that one day programs like this will multiply all over Brazil, and new Portinaries, Jobims, and Villa Lobos will be found and their lives, their families, their communities will be impacted; as it is already happening.

Finally Magui and I must pay tribute to two people who joined us early in the process, Paul Wiseman, director of The British School in Rio, and Anna Whyte, from Innova Group, who became with us the base for the establishment, development, and continuation of Arts & Social Transformation since 2009. Thank you dear friends… “Together we do so much more…”